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        About MoSeeker

        MoSeeker?is a leading AI-powered HR-tech company in China and a certified Shanghai High-Tech Enterprise.?MoSeeker?commits to serving?recruiters through the application of artificial intelligence, which can increase recruitment efficiency and reduce recruitment costs.?MoSeeker?provides?a?variety of products and solutions along the whole recruitment journey to help enterprises solve?the pain points in?recruitment. In terms of the protection of user privacy,?MoSeeker?passed the ISO27001 certification by SGS and meets?the data security requirements in GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).?
        MoSeeker?is?working with?roughly 30% of Fortune Global 500 companies in 2020.?The company's artificial intelligence products designed for human resources?was?selected in the Tencent AI accelerator,?the only AI application in human resources at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC). Additionally,?MoSeeker?placed?in?the?Top 30?AI Application Cases in Synced Machine Intelligence Award 2018,?and won?the?China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Award, Shanghai Youth Innovation?&?Entrepreneurship Competition, 2019 China HR Tech Solution Provider Value Award, Top 10 artificial intelligence technology applications, and dozens of?other?technical awards.?

        Management Team

        Dow Wang

        Founder and CEO

        Before founding?MoSeeker, Dow Wang was responsible for employer branding?at Baidu and IBM.?Dow?was?awarded the title of Top Talent in?the?Xuhui District?for the?2018-2020?period, as well as?the title of Shanghai Young Entrepreneur Talent in 2017.?Additionally, he?was selected as the "Emerging" Young Entrepreneur of Shanghai by the "Thousand Sails?Action." He?graduated from?Kellogg Business School?at?Northwestern University?and Peking University. Dow is an alumnus of?CKGSB, CEIBS,?and?Qingteng?University.?

        Paul Dai

        Co-founder and COO

        The co-founder, former star IELTS teacher of New Oriental School, and China representative of George Washington University (GWU). Paul Dai graduated from the School of Management, Fudan University, majoring in information management.

        Ruixiong Tian

        Head of Research and Innovations

        MoSeeker co-founder, who was previously in charge of Baidu’s technology brand, was a senior researcher at IBM China Research Institute before joining Baidu. He was also a founder of Broadband IP Networking Technology and Cloud Computing Treasure Book.

        Frank Han

        Head of Engineering Development

        Frank Han, Vice President of MoSeeker Technology, is responsible for the management of existing technological R&D. Frank has 15 years of internet technology research, development and management experience. Before joining MoSeeker, he served as CTO of Longfor and CTO of Ctrip Overseas Business.

        Henri He

        Head of Business Development

        Before joining the company, Henri He served as President of BVI International Inspection Group, President of Global Automotive Business Department and President of Greater China Strategic Investment. During his tenure, Henri increased his new business line from scratch to over 100 million yuan.

        Eva Shen


        Eva Shen has more than 20 years of human resource management experience and has worked for many Fortune 500 companies including Honeywell, GE, Henkel and others. Before joining MoSeeker, Eva was in charge of human resources at Honeywell China to support Honeywell's $3 billion business in China and its continued growth. Eva completed an MBA from the Business School of the University of Strathcylde, UK.




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        Established by Tsinghua alumni, it has an average of more than 10 years of angel investment experience.

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