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        a demo

        AI helps to improve the hiring process.
        Effectively save recruitment costs

        Enhance management efficiency


        Share job infomation anytime,anywhere.

        AI Recommendation

        Machine learning algorithms analyze behavior-profiles of candidates Filter and find the exact talent you’re looking for.

        Smart MoBot Assistant

        Based on natural language processing and deep learning technology Applies deep understanding of semantics and multi-round dialogue to identify user intentions.


        Through recording, analyzing and combining our users’ behavior-patterns with Big Data to optimize job searches.

        Identifying Intentions

        Combining rule templates with machine learning provides a good experience for candidates via personalized responses.

        Unlock AI Recruitment Solutions

        Let MoSeeker help you make recruitment smarter.

        Request a demo

        Please fill in the infomation below. We will contact you in one working day after submission.


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